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  Founded in 2001, Hunan Guochuang Electric Power Co., Ltd. is located in Hengyang, the City of Power Transmission and Transformation in Southern China. inheriting the cultural blood of TBEA, the world leading enterprise in the power transmission and transformation industry, and it persists on the profound technical heritage of TBEA continuously, Guochuang Electric Power has been developed into an excellent enterprise in the field of R&D and manufacturing of transformer unit components at domestic and abroad.  Relying on the profound manufacturing industry background and adopting the integrated development strategy, the Group has energetically developed the Guochuang Electric Power Gathering High-end Intelligent Manufacturing industrial Park and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 5G Science and Technology Industrial Park, deeply integrated the advantages of Internet+ Al, 5G communic···


core advantages


  • Manufacturing capabilities

    Guochuang has the ability to independently design and manufacture. Transformer tanks, iron cores, valves and other products can be customized to meet customer needs. The production cycle of the product is short and the product quality is good.

  • Product research

    In the research and development of transformer tanks, iron cores, valves and other products, Guochuang is committed to technology-led research and development, with customer satisfaction as the foundation, and has won the trust of many customers with high-quality products.

  • Advanced equipment

    Guochuang currently has multiple hydraulic, CNC, and laser production equipment. With its advanced production equipment, strong technical strength and sophisticated testing instruments, Guochuang produces transformer tanks, iron cores, valves and other products that are deeply favored by users.

  • Quality control

    Quality is the foundation of any manufacturer. Guochuang has always attached great importance to product quality and detail control. Strictly control the procurement and delivery of raw materials. At present, a mature quality control system for transformer tanks, iron cores and valves has been established.

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      Contact:Andy/Zhang(Director of International Sales)